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Reputation Matters

In the past the value and reputation of a business was based around compliance and the achievement of profits.  This is no longer the case.  Perceptions set in quickly and in many cases are interpreted as facts by consumers. Values such as integrity and trust, increasingly matter to both internal and external stakeholders, while brand opinions are formed by the behaviour and actions of companies and their people.  Consumers want to know what the brand is doing to conserve the environment and to uplift local communities. Stakeholders expect open and transparent communications and want to know what the brand stands for and also expect quick action when issues arise.

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Communications Strategy Development

Communications strategies aligned to the overall strategy of the business
Key messaging
Targeted storytelling
Utilisation of the right communications platforms

Crisis Communications & Scenario Planning

Crisis issues management
Proactively preventing crisis issues

Internal Communications

Internal communications strategies
Employee engagement strategies

Corporate Social Action which matters

Sustainable and measurable impact on communities

Influencing Stakeholder Perceptions & Outcomes

Targeted lobbying strategies
Government relations

Leadership Communications

Tailored for internal and external audiences